Fine Line: A poem born out of movie viewing

I wrote this poem after I watched the movie Beautiful Creatures for the first time. I found it interesting that a movie and the movie’s theme fired up my neurotransmitters in my brain to create this poem. It’s interesting to me how the little things in life can provoke such a creative and powerful image or string of thoughts in a person’s mind.

Here it is:

Fine Line



Hollow and deathly, filled with Turmoil.



Euphoric and lively, pure with Love.


The fine line between

A thread that balances the two,


An intricate design weaved

Into the puzzle, the mystery.


Two halves of the same whole.

Are they not the same?


Strong in their intent,

A gray cloud forms at the centerfold


But both are lost in the Haze.

No more potent than the other.


Both are claimed,

Yet only one is considered




Tell me your thoughts...

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