About Jessica

I was born and raised in Michigan, where the weather fluctuates time and time again.

I have been writing for years. My love of writing formed in ninth grade when I moved to a new city in a new county. I didn’t have many friends yet, so my bedroom was my only haven. I read a great deal of many books. During first summer there, I opened my laptop one boring day and began writing what was on my mind. That led to a 96 page story about two teenagers –a girl and a guy– who were blood witches and were destined to destroy the world. Til this day, their story is still unfinished since the laptop was destroyed by accident years ago.

This was a starting point for me. I begun learning about writing and writing stories about mystical worlds within our own. I became an avid reader and developed my love for words and stories. Music inspires the essence behind each story I’ve ever written, especially that of Breaking Benjamin and Linkin Park.
Thus far, years since writing my first story, I’ve written countless others that I hope to one day share with the world.

Other things about me:

I read two to three books per year; in the summer, more than this.

My favorite book is Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Safon and Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

I watch a lot of police drama shows and scary movies.

My motto is if you’re going to do something, but your whole heart, determination, and focus into it. Otherwise, it isn’t worth doing at all.


2 thoughts on “About Jessica

  1. I wrote several witch/magic books as a teenager that I also lost. The one I still have is printed on that paper with the tear away holes on the edges. 🙂 You sound like an interesting author–looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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