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Poetry in the Works

Here are three unfinished poems that I’ve yet to complete. They may be done already and I just don’t see it. But is any writing ever really done, perfect, or complete. There is always room for improvement when it comes to writing.

The first one is about secrets, the second about a girl staring into the night sky, and the third about ghosts in a cemetery:

These walls tell legions,

Contained in their pigments

Memories were absorbed

Emotions consumed.




These eyes did wonder

They gazed upon the stars

Bright, glittering, shining

Into a future yet envisioned

A past that cannot be rewritten

The sun sets on another day

She stares transfixed

As the moon smiles upon her.




They shifted in the night

like windblown leaves

coming and going


Never really here,

Yet never really gone


They observe the passersby

like shadows and phantoms and specters.

Desiring the figures’ vibrant light


Void of all life within themselves.